Verizon Fios Home Internet Review

Verizon Fios isn’t just another name in the crowded ISP market; it’s a beacon of reliability and performance. With its 100% fiber-optic network, Fios delivers symmetrical speeds that make both downloading and uploading a breeze. Imagine sending large files in the blink of an eye or hosting glitch-free video conferences, Fios makes it possible.

But the perks don’t stop there. Say goodbye to the dreaded data caps that stifle your internet freedom. With Fios, the sky or rather, the cloud is the limit. And if you’re worried about long-term commitments, breathe easy. Verizon offers contract-free plans, giving you the flexibility to adapt as your needs change.

So, why settle for less when you can have the best? Join us as we delve deeper into what makes Verizon Fios the ultimate choice for your home internet needs. Let’s explore the speeds, the plans, and the unparalleled customer service that have earned Fios top marks in multiple customer satisfaction studies.

Verizon Fios Home Internet Review – At a Glance

When it comes to internet service providers, the name Verizon Fios often stands out as a symbol of quality and innovation. Launched in 2004, this service has been setting the gold standard for what home internet should be. But what exactly is Verizon Fios, and why has it garnered such a stellar reputation?

At the heart of Verizon Fios is its 100% fiber-optic network. Unlike traditional copper-based or cable networks, fiber-optic technology uses light signals to transmit data, resulting in faster and more reliable internet speeds. This is not just marketing jargon; it’s a technological leap that brings tangible benefits to the user. With Fios, you get symmetrical speeds, meaning your upload speeds are just as fast as your download speeds. This is a game-changer for activities like video conferencing, online gaming, and cloud storage, where upload speeds often play a crucial role.

Verizon isn’t resting on its laurels. The company has plans to roll out a multigigabit plan Fios 2 Gigabit Connection—to more regions in the coming years. This shows Verizon’s commitment to staying at the forefront of internet technology, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


  • Symmetrical Speeds
  • No Data Caps
  • Transparent Pricing
  • High Reliability
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Contract-Free Plans


  • Limited Availability

Verizon Fios Internet Plans & Pricing

Verizon Fios offers a straightforward and transparent pricing model with three primary tiers: Fios 300, Fios 500, and Fios 1 Gig. These plans offer speeds of 300Mbps, 500Mbps, and up to 940Mbps for downloads and 880Mbps for uploads, respectively. The monthly prices range from $50 for the Fios 300 plan to $90 for the Fios 1 Gig plan. What sets Verizon apart is its commitment to keeping these rates stable, without the surprise hikes that customers often experience with other providers.

Below is a table that outlines the primary plans available, their speeds, and monthly costs.

Plan NameDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
Fios 300Up to 300 Mbps300 Mbps$50/mo.
Fios 500Up to 500 Mbps500 Mbps$70/mo.
Fios 1 GigUp to 940 Mbps880 Mbps$90/mo.

Who Is It Best For?

Fios 300: Ideal for small families or individuals who engage in moderate internet usage like browsing, streaming in HD, and light gaming. This plan offers a balanced speed that can comfortably handle multiple devices.

Fios 500: Suited for medium-sized households with more intensive internet needs, such as 4K streaming, online gaming, and frequent large file transfers. This plan is also excellent for home offices.

Fios 1 Gig: Tailored for large families or tech-savvy individuals who demand the best. This plan can handle virtually anything you throw at it—multiple 4K streams, competitive online gaming, extensive cloud uploads and downloads, and more.

Verizon Fios offers something for everyone, from the casual browser to the hardcore gamer. The absence of data caps across all plans means you can enjoy your internet to the fullest, without any lurking fears of overage charges. Moreover, the symmetrical speeds ensure that you’re not just downloading fast, but also uploading at equally impressive speeds—a feature that’s increasingly important in our data-driven world.


Verizon Fios is synonymous with speed, but not just any speed—symmetrical speed. This means that the upload and download speeds are nearly identical, a rarity in the ISP market. Whether you’re a gamer needing low latency, a content creator uploading large files, or a family streaming multiple 4K videos, Fios has you covered. With plans offering up to 940 Mbps for downloads and 880 Mbps for uploads, speed is one arena where Verizon Fios truly excels.

Data Cap

The term data cap is often a dreaded phrase for internet users. It limits how much you can download and upload, often leading to slower speeds or additional charges once you exceed the limit. With Verizon Fios, you can erase the term “data cap” from your vocabulary. That’s right—Verizon Fios offers unlimited data across all its plans. This means unrestricted streaming, gaming, downloading, and uploading, giving you the freedom to use the internet as you please, without any hidden fees or speed throttling.

Additional Charges

When considering an internet service provider, it’s crucial to look beyond the monthly subscription cost. Additional fees can quickly add up, altering the affordability of a plan. Here’s what you need to know about Verizon Fios’ additional charges.

Installation Fee

Verizon Fios offers a unique advantage when it comes to installation fees. If you order your service online, the installation fee is waived. However, if you opt for a traditional setup, you might incur a one-time installation fee of $99. This fee covers the cost of setting up the fiber-optic network in your home and ensuring everything is up and running smoothly.

Equipment Fee

Verizon Fios includes the cost of the 5G Internet Gateway equipment in its service, so you won’t have to deal with a separate “Wi-Fi activation fee” or any such hidden charges. However, if you wish to rent a router, the Fios Router G3100 is available for an $18.00/month rental fee. Alternatively, you can buy it outright for $399.99. If you need a Wi-Fi extender, it’s available for a $10.00/month rental or a $199.99 buyout.

Termination Fee

One of the most consumer-friendly aspects of Verizon Fios is its lack of annual contracts, which means you won’t be hit with early termination fees if you decide to switch providers or cancel your service. This offers a level of flexibility that is often missing in the industry.


One of the standout features of Verizon Fios is its no-contract policy. That’s right—Verizon Fios offers all its plans without the need for a long-term commitment. This means you have the freedom to change or cancel your service at any time without incurring early termination fees. This flexibility is a breath of fresh air in an industry where long-term contracts are often the norm.

Verizon Fios Internet Deals

Verizon Fios often rolls out bundle offers that combine internet, TV, and phone services at discounted rates. These bundles are an excellent way for households to consolidate their digital services while enjoying cost savings. Some bundles even come with a year of Disney+ or other streaming services included, offering additional value.


Verizon Fios doesn’t just stop at offering excellent service; it also throws in some attractive perks to sweeten the deal. For instance, if you opt for the Fios 1 Gig plan, you won’t have to pay an equipment rental charge, as it’s included in the plan. Additionally, Verizon Fios has been known to offer promotional gifts like Home Depot Gift Cards or even gaming consoles like the Xbox Series S for new customers who maintain their service in good standing for a specific period.

Moreover, Verizon Fios has consistently received high marks in customer satisfaction surveys, making it not just a provider but a reliable partner for your internet needs. The company’s focus on customer service ensures that if you ever run into issues, you’re likely to have a smooth and efficient resolution process.

Promotional Gifts

New customers are frequently greeted with promotional gifts ranging from gift cards to popular retailers like Home Depot to gaming consoles like the Xbox Series S. These gifts are usually contingent on maintaining the service in good standing for a specific period, but they add a layer of excitement to the subscription process.

Price Lock Guarantee

One of the standout features of Verizon Fios is its Price Lock Guarantee on select plans. This ensures that your monthly rate remains constant for a set period, usually two years, protecting you from unexpected price hikes that are common in the industry.

Special Discounts

Verizon Fios also offers special discounts for military personnel, first responders, and teachers. These discounts can be a significant factor for those who qualify, making an already attractive service even more appealing.

Verizon Fios Home Internet Availability

Verizon Fios offers an impressive suite of features, but its availability is primarily limited to the Northeastern United States, covering states like Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia, as well as Washington, DC. While this regional focus has led to high levels of customer satisfaction, it also means that many parts of the country are currently missing out on what Fios has to offer.

The company is continually working on expanding its fiber-optic network, but laying down these cables is a significant investment in both time and resources. If you’re interested in subscribing to Verizon Fios, the company’s website offers a straightforward availability checker, allowing you to input your address to see if the service is available in your area.

Although they may not have the broadest geographic reach at the moment, its focus on quality over quantity has paid dividends in customer loyalty and satisfaction. As fiber-optic technology becomes more widespread and accessible, there’s hope that they will extend its high-speed, reliable internet service to more American households in the future.

Verizon Fios Customer Service Review

When it comes to customer service, Verizon has consistently received high marks, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and customer-centric internet service provider. According to CNET, they have scored three points above its previous year’s score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), marking its third consecutive year of improvement. Furthermore, in J.D. Power’s latest ISP customer satisfaction rankings, Verizon holds the top overall average score. Specifically, in the East region, Verizon scored 758 on a 1,000-point scale, well above the region’s average of 707. This impressive score has helped Verizon capture the top spot in the East region of J.D. Power’s study for nine consecutive years.

But the accolades don’t stop there. Verizon also took first place for the lowest latency among top providers and came in fifth place for Ookla’s Consistency Score category, which measures how often an ISP delivers broadband speeds to its customers. These achievements highlight Verizon’s commitment to not only providing high-speed internet but also ensuring a consistent and reliable service.

While these numbers are impressive, it’s worth noting that Verizon’s high customer satisfaction ratings are not just about numbers; they reflect the company’s focus on customer service. Whether it’s the easy-to-navigate website with a straightforward availability checker or the “Chat now” feature for instant customer support, Verizon Fios goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Verizon Fios Internet vs. Competitors

In the ever-competitive landscape of internet service providers, how does Verizon Fios stack up against its rivals? While Verizon Fios has carved out a niche for itself, especially in the Northeast, it’s essential to see how it compares to other fiber ISPs in terms of speed, pricing, and customer service. Below is a table that provides a snapshot of how Verizon Fios measures up against some of its key competitors in the fiber-optic internet market.

SPDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPriceData CapCustomer Satisfaction Score
AT&T FiberUp to 5000 MbpsUp to 1000 Mbps$80/mo.None731 (J.D. Power)
Google FiberUp to 2000 MbpsUp to 1000 Mbps$100/mo.NoneN/A
Frontier FiberUp to 2000 MbpsUp to 2000 Mbps$75/mo.None695 (J.D. Power)
Spectrum FiberUp to 1000 MbpsUp to 35 Mbps$105/mo.None707 (J.D. Power)

Is Verizon Fios Home Internet Good?

After diving deep into various aspects of Verizon Fios, from its speed and pricing to customer service and additional fees, the question that naturally arises that: Is Verizon Fios Home Internet good? Based on our comprehensive Verizon Fios Internet Review, the answer is a resounding yes.

Verizon Fios stands out for its symmetrical speeds, which means you get equally fast upload and download speeds a feature that’s increasingly important in our data-driven world. The absence of data caps across all plans means you can enjoy your internet to the fullest, without any lurking fears of overage charges. Moreover, the company’s focus on customer service ensures that if you ever run into issues, you’re likely to have a smooth and efficient resolution process.

While they may not offer the highest speeds in the market, it provides a balanced package that caters to a wide range of internet needs. Its high customer satisfaction ratings, consistent performance, and transparent pricing make it a reliable choice for those who prioritize quality service along with high-speed internet.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a new internet service provider and Verizon Fios is available in your area, it’s an option well worth considering. Its blend of speed, reliability, and customer service makes it one of the top choices in the fiber-optic internet market.


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